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Yes Tech LED Applications: Sports Perimeter

led video screen sports perimeter video board led tiles as seen on soccer fields at the world cup
A small section of our sports perimeter LED screen setup

We chose to purchase Yes Tech LED tiles for a number of reasons, with one of them being the versatility of the tile. While many other tiles are built to create a standard flat video wall, we can offer a lot more with the Yes Tech tiles. This is where the "Creative" comes from in "Fire Up Creative." Along with the basic straight video screen, we can also create sports perimeter, dance floor staging, inside and outside curves, skydrops and hangning ceilings, arches, horizontal and vertical dislocation, trussed or ground support, indoor or outdoor, and much more.

In our past blogs, we have taken a look at custom size screens, LED video flooring, inside and outside curves, skydrops and hanging ceilings, arches, and now we will look at how we can build LED sports perimeter. The most common example of what we refer to a "sports perimeter" can be seen if you have watched any of the World Cup recently. We have the same equipment that they use to line the edge of the soccer (or futbol) fields with video screens.

While the most common use for these perimeter video boards is around soccer fields, they can be seen in all kinds of applications. This includes other sporting events such as tennis tournaments, basketball, baseball, football, swimming, volleyball, racing, track and field, golf, and much more. And even outside of sports, these LED screens can be perfect at other events such as runways, hallways, in-store displays, stagefronts, promotions, trade shows, and anything else you might think of!

The LED tiles are placed in a solid frame that we can place at a range of different angles. Whatever the length of your perimeter screen, we can set the screen up to run as one continuous long video, or break it into shorter sections. Feel free to reach out to us to find out how this perimeter LED screen can help at your event or location.

About Fire Up Creative

Fire Up Creative is a modular LED video wall company based in Minneapolis, MN. We offer creative and unique LED screen rental solutions for all kinds of events. For more information or to rent a screen for your event, please contact us here: Contact FUC.

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