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What is Fire Up Creative?

Fire Up Creative is the product of two owners from two different companies coming together using their experience in the AV and event industry to create a new and unique LED screen offering. Before this, Dave Baum has run and operated Fire Up Video, a mobile Jumbotron screen company. He has joined with Brent Bixby, the owner of Creative Concepts, a company specializing in event management and AV technology services.

Dave and Brent decided to combine their talents together to form a separate company focusing on creative LED video walls for all events. With their different, but related, backgrounds, they were able to bring their experience, talents, knowledge, connections, and even equipment, to create a company that could compete and, succeed in the LED market.

We differentiate ourselves from the many other LED video board companies in that we provide creative designs for our clients. While many companies can only offer flat LED screens, we are able to offer unique screen solutions. Our modular LED tiles create curved screens, hanging screens, trussed video walls, disclocations, shapes and designs, ceilings, arches, runways, sports perimeters, dance floor stages you can drive a car on, and more.

Whatever your event, we will work closely with you to determine the best screen option to custom-build and rent for you. We also have other exciting options for event rentals, including our 3D LED holograms that will draw the attention of your guests immediately. Because of our partnership with Fire Up Video and Creative Concepts, as well as many other relationships of other event and AV companies in the industry, we are able to offer more than just LED big screen TVs. Just contact us here and let us know what you are looking for, and we will help you create the best event possible!

And take a look below at this video that shows just some of the screen options we offer:

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