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We Are Now ACE Certified After Absen Training Program

FUC Technician Earns ACE Certification from Absen

Recently one of our LED technicians took a trip to Olrando, Florida to complete an LED training course. This three day class was hosted by Absen, is meant to provide training to students teaching them tips for programming LED screens, building video walls, troubleshooting issues, discovering new technology and equipment, and more.

The class provides hands-on training as well as instruction from multiple engineers, and concludes with a three-part test. The first section of this test are a troubleshooting portion where the teachers create multiple problems in the screen and video controller, and it must be repaired by the student. The next part of the test is all about setting up for unique screen designs in which the student must program for a number of different screen configurations. And the final part of this test is a written exam consisting of fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and true or false.

The ACE certification program has been around for several years and there are several classes each year. Throughout the years they have increased the test requirements needed to pass the class in order to make the certification truliy meaningful. To date there are have only been approximately 300 students to pass the test and earn the ACE certification. When a technician earns this certification that means that the Absen experts have verified that they have gone through this in-depth training and have a certain level of expertise in LED programming. This provides a certain level of assurance that our team knows what we are doing when building our video boards.

At the end of the program, our Fire Up employee passed the test and earned his ACE certification. He gained a ton of new knowledge throughout the class, as well as learning new tips, practicing programming techniques, getting hands-on experience in different situations, learning about new technology and equipment, gaining valuable training materials and helpful resources from Absen, and building connections with others in the industry. He was then able to bring this new knowledge to the rest of our team, and then apply it our Jumbotron screens.

We have done numerous training classes over the years, and this was by far the most helpful and relevant training we have attended. We are very thankful to Absen for providing this training, and look forward to how this will improve our ability to provide the best service for our customers. We plan to continue using this training resource in the future and getting the rest of our team certified now that we know the quality of the program. We are very happy with how the training went, and are excited to apply everything we learned in the field.

About Fire Up Creative

Fire Up Creative is a modular LED video wall company based in Minneapolis, MN. We offer creative and unique LED screen rental solutions for all kinds of events. For more information or to rent a screen for your event, please contact us here: Contact FUC.

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