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LED Video Walls for Any Event

There are not many types of events that wouldn't benefit from the addition of an LED video screen. Of course, it doesn't always make sense to rent a video wall, whether it's because of budget or other factors. However, our LED tiles can make a huge difference, and can bring any event to the next level.

The versatility of our tiles allow us to be a great fit for a wide variety of events. They are built for both indoor and outdoor application, and look great in both settings. And with a 4.8 pixel pitch, the tiles offer a crisp, clear picture for all situations. We have the flexibility to create unique designs that not all LED tiles provide. With the tiles we can create custom shapes and designs rather than just a rectangle wall. We also have the capability to build dance floor screens, inside and outside curves, a sky drop, vertical and horizontal dislocation, sports perimeter, and much more.

Because of the range of customization, we can offer LED solutions for nealry any event. Whether it is just a small tile installation, or a large video wall, or combination of unique screens, we have plenty of options that will fit your needs. These jumbotron screens can really add that something special to any event, and transform any space to something much bigger.

Just some of the kinds of events that could be improved by the addition of a big screen LED include concerts, corporate events, trade shows, pop-up shops, sporting events, expos, company meetings, festivals, shopping centers and malls, expos, conventions, galas, and much more. Whatever your event is, we will work with you to come up with something that fits with your vision.

Fire Up Creative is a modular LED video wall company based in Minneapolis, MN. We offer creative and unique LED screen rental solutions for all kinds of events. For more information or to rent a screen for your event, please contact us here: Contact FUC.

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