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LED Screens for Meetings, Conferences, and Business Events

For companies hosting large conferences or meetings, LED video walls can be a great addition to your event. The big screens help complete the look of your stage and venue, and give it a finished feel. Impress your attendees and provide a professional and memorable experience with high-quality LED jumbotron screens.

The video boards are the perfect way to display any relevant info to your entire audience. Whether it's slides from your presentation, videos, or something elese, the LED tiles are a perfect way to communicate this. The video screens can also help complete your branding to play logos, and animated images that work well with your companie's brand.

We can build custom screens to fit your needs. So we can create the standard screens left, right, and center of the stage, or we can work with you to create something more unique for you. Our LED tiles can be built in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and configurations. If you are looking for something beyond the average rectangular screen, we will be happy to work with you to create the right video wall for your meeting.

Along with our LED screens, we provide full event planning, production, and AV support with our partner company Creative Concepts. We can handle all or more of your event needs so you can get everything from one company and don't have to deal with multiple vendors. Because we know the equipment and how everything comes together, it will help things run smoothly.

About Fire Up Creative

Fire Up Creative is a modular LED video wall company based in Minneapolis, MN. We offer creative and unique LED screen rental solutions for all kinds of events. For more information or to rent a screen for your event, please contact us here: Contact FUC.

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